Here is the third version of my installation series in unit one, focusing on the balance point between technology and humanity. As I mentioned in my previous install article (, I’m always interesting about this particular period, when the modern technology is swallowing up people’s daily life, and at the same time, we are still willing to find comfort in technology.


My 3rd install is a white cube space surrounded by Chinese calligraphy paper, set in a dark environment. Inside the space, the audiences are allowed to sit on the ground and watch the moving dots and lines projected on the surface of the white “walls”.


My inspiration comes from the experience of writing calligraphy, which is the traditional Chinese handwriting. I have practised calligraphy since twenty years ago, a fascinating experience of calligraphy is, when you keep writing the same Chinese character for three times or more, occasionally you will realise the fact that the character you are writing becomes unfamiliar to you. The context bonded to the text finally vanished, only the time duration and movement of hand left with you. If you keep writing at this time, the process of writing does not matter anymore, and this is the moment you begin to think something else, instead of the character you are currently working on.


In my installation, I am making an attempt to strip away the appearance of calligraphy, only extract the meanings of body movement and time duration behind the outline of characters. By providing an isolated and dark space, my aim here is creating a possibility for audiences to calm down and start to think.


But the exhibition in the classroom was much less than satisfactory. The first mistake is the requirement of background knowledge, and the second one is the gap between things presented and things underneath, not to mention the poor quality of the installation itself. As Heidegger suggests, the essential part to “reveal the truth” only exists when both of the two things come from the reality itself. Therefore, my next work would start from something physical and material, building connections with the real world.