LEGO Brick Coming Out Plan(乐高出柜计划)is a long-term photography project of me and my wife — Yuxi & Hongjia Liu (known as 小墨与阿猴 in China). As LEGO fans, we noticed that, when LEGO players were getting used to build models only according to the predesigned drawings, they actually stopped using their imagination to play with LEGO bricks, as a result, LEGO bricks became the exhibits locked in their cabinets. Meanwhile people’s imagination and creativity were locked as well. Thus we create these works and call on LEGO players to make LEGO bricks coming out of the cabinets. We dismantle and rebuild LEGO bricks and shoot photos of them in elaborately designed scenes to attach them fresh new meanings. In this photography project, we will try to explore the different forms of combination of LEGO Brick with scenes and the relationship between LEGO bricks. (LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this project.)
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